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Installation of openSuse 10.2

Kde Configuration

It always annoyed me and still does: The one-click mouse. This is changed to double click. The other thing that I changed back is the kde menu. The new one has many good ideas, but is not easier to use (for me) so I switched back to the old one. Later I switch the new home to the old home. Then these settings are lost again, but the old configuration has these settings already.



The yast update program should work better than in Suse 10.1, but from my experience it is still not at the same level as smart, so I installed smart via yast and added the channels listed at Since I have other computers which shall later use the same updates I have already downloaded I want to save these:
vpnclient connect Zugang_aus_dem_Internet_zur_Uni_Hannover
The first update I did was smart itself. Then (after a restart of smart) I installed the Updates available from Suse. I did not install non-Suse updates, especially those for KDE 3.5.6, since I had bad experience with these KDE packages in the past in openSUSE 10.1.

yast / opensuseupdater

However I would like to be still informed about security updates. For this I still want to use the opensuse tool (opensuseupdater). If one wants to add an update server there is unfortunately the problem that this does not happen automatically. I wonder how any inexperienced user gets updates in this case? The sources can however be found on YaST-Installationsquellen für SuSE Linux (german). For a reason I do not understand this tool does only work after a restart of the computer.

Nvidia Video Driver Installation / X Setup

Opensuse installs only the opensource nvidia driver which has no 3D support. This comes with the binary driver from nvidia which can be installed with smart. The (at this time current) packages are
  • x11-video-nvidia-1.0.9631-0.1
  • nvidia-gfx-kmp-default-1.0.9631_2.6.18.2_34-0.1
A restart of the x-Server starts the new driver. However the x-setup was wrong concerning the mouse. Not only with the new driver, but also from the beginning of the setup of 10.2 I could not find any suitable option in sax2. It only worked after I copied the corresponding code from the openSUSE 10.1 xorg.conf file:
Section "InputDevice"
  Driver       "mouse"
  Identifier   "Mouse[1]"
  Option       "Buttons" "11"
  Option       "Device" "/dev/input/mice"
  Option       "Name" "Microsoft USB Wireless Mouse"
  Option       "Protocol" "explorerps/2"
  Option       "Vendor" "Sysp"
  Option       "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
I only wonder why this could not be auto configured?!

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  1. Joe Shaw sagt:


    I’m the maintainer of Beagle, and I just wanted to let you know that there’s a new version out which is a lot more resource friendly, available here:

    I’d appreciate it if you could try it and let me know if you see problems with it.


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