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dokuwiki plugins

I am considering to use dokuwiki as a wiki system. Here is my collection of plugins I am considering to use.

dokuwiki Plugins

  • discussion The Discussion Plugin adds a discussion section after your wiki page for user comments.
  • dokutexit generates PDF documents of the wiki content using latex
  • statistics „This plugin provides logging and statistics on views and visitors of your wiki.“
  • gnuplot GNUplot Plugin
  • latex LaTeXrenderer
  • phpinc „This plugin allow you to include a PHP/HTML file into your wikipage.“
  • dokuwikibibtexplugin „a small bibtex plugin, which transforms bibtex citation into nice citation format.“
  • tag „The Tag Plugin lets you assign category tags to wiki pages. „
  • gallery „This Syntax Plugin allows you to embed automatically created gallery into a page.“

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