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WordPress Plugins for WordPress 2.3.1

Recently I am working on a new wordpress installation, this time based on the release 2.3.1. To accomplish all the task and make it an comfortable environment I have to add a huge bunch of plugins. Unfortunately I cannot use my old collection because these plugins change much to fast and especially become incompatible. Therefore I searched the plugin directory and the web again and selected the following list. (Note: Red one are not working, either because they crash or because they are simply incompatible with WordPress 2.3.1, purple ones do not work as expected) [TOC]

Admin Interface

Header/Meta Data


Code based
Visuell based

Spell Checker

Editing Enhancement

other Content Plugins


Contact Forms



Post Editing




Syntax Highlighting


PHP Execution

Theme Extensions

CSS Style

  • TOC
    /* TOC Plugin */
    .toc {
      border: #ccc solid 1px;
      /*float: left;*/
      font-size: .9em;
      margin: 0 0 5px 12px;
      width: 400px;
    .toc ol {
      margin: 5px;
      padding-left: 30px;
  • WP-Syntax
        .wp_syntax {
          color: #100;
          background-color: #f9f9f9;
          border: 1px solid silver;
          margin: 0 0 1.5em 0;
          overflow: auto;
        /* IE FIX */
        .wp_syntax {
          overflow-x: auto;
          overflow-y: hidden;
          padding-bottom: expression(this.scrollWidth > this.offsetWidth ? 15 : 0);
          width: 100%;
        .wp_syntax table {
          border-collapse: collapse;
        .wp_syntax div, .wp_syntax td {
          vertical-align: top;
          padding: 2px 4px;
        .wp_syntax .line_numbers {
          text-align: right;
          background-color: #def;
          color: gray;
          overflow: visible;
        /* potential overrides for other styles */
        .wp_syntax pre {
          margin: 0;
          width: auto;
          float: none;
          clear: none;
          overflow: visible;
  • link indication
    /* For Link Indication plugin */
    a.liexternal { padding-right: 12px; background: url(images/links/link-icon_external_12.png) no-repeat right; }
    a.liwikipedia { padding-right: 14px; background: url(images/links/link-icon_wikipedia.gif) no-repeat right; }
    a.liimdb { padding-right: 18px; background: url(images/links/link-icon_imdb.png) no-repeat right; }
    a.liftp { padding-right: 13px; background: url(images/links/link-icon_ftp_01.png) no-repeat right; }
    a.limailto { padding-right: 18px; background: url(images/links/link-icon_mail_02.gif) no-repeat right; }
    a.lipdf { padding-right: 16px; background: url(images/links/link-icon_pdf_02.gif) no-repeat right;  }

Usage of Theme Extensions

  • fold_page_list
    wswwpx_fold_page_list ('exclude=38,100,101&depth=4&sort_column=menu_order&title_li=<h 2>' . __('Pages') . '</h 2>' );
  • pagenavi
    if(function_exists('wp_pagenavi')) { wp_pagenavi(); }
  • print
    if(function_exists('wp_print')) { print_link(); }
  • Breadcrumb Navigation XT (example)
    <div class="breadcrumb">
    if (class_exists('breadcrumb_navigation_xt')) {
    // Display a prefix
    echo 'Navigation: ';
    // new breadcrumb object
    $mybreadcrumb = new breadcrumb_navigation_xt;
    // Display the breadcrumb
    </div> <!-- [breadcrumb] -->
  • breadcrumb
    <div class="breadcrump">

6 Antworten : “WordPress Plugins for WordPress 2.3.1”

  1. Having read this I believed it was really informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this information together.
    I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and posting comments.

    But so what, it was still worth it!

  2. Xsir sagt:

    old plugins are not working at new version of wordpress.

  3. Rob Schumann sagt:

    The Fold Category List plugin has been updated to version 2.0 and should now support WP2.3+.

    Could the red colouring be removed?

  4. My catogegories fold correctly on this website because it is not yet 2.3.x based.
    This list was created during the build up of a new independent website.

  5. beachbum sagt:

    just noticed that your categories do it fine, the fold categories plugin on your list is in red, what are you using and can it be used for categories that are like 8 deep? please email me.

  6. beachbum sagt:

    very nice list.
    the upgrade to 2.3 has been hell..

    im despirately looking for collapsing cat_list or d-tree, they’re on the official wordpress list saying they work but they dont work.

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