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Installation of Fonts in Miktex

I have several Type1 fonts which need to be installed such that LaTeX knows about them. To achive this under Miktex you have to follow these steps:

  1. Setup you localtexmf tree with the fonts or copy your localtexmf tree from a different installation into the corresponding Miktex directory.
  2. Run initexmf --edit-config-file updmap. That will open an editor.
  3. Insert in that file all map files in the following form:
    Save the file afterwards.
  4. Run initexmf --mkmaps to rebuild the font map files.

2 Antworten : “Installation of Fonts in Miktex”

  1. Well, should either generate the files yourself or rely on the files generated by font experts. For example have a look at

  2. Jacob Sparre Andersen sagt:

    What do you do if the fonts didn’t come with a „.map“ file? (I have a font with only „.afm“, „.pfb“ and „.pfm“ files.)

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