Chilies erkrankt

Unsere Chilies leiden dieses Jahr wieder sehr. Nachdem wir die letzten 3 Pflanzen aus dem vorherigen Jahr wegen massivem Läusebefall entsorgen mussten – allerdings erst nachdem wir insgesamt 120 Chiliefrüchte dieser drei Pflanzen eingelegt haben...

Howto integrate Qt with Visual Studio

Since I want to learn Qt 4 and use a good IDE I was looking for information how to achieve this with the open source pakcage of qt. Here is what I have found. qt2005.pdf

Check value of Radiobutton

Radiobuttons in MFC are a mess. It is nevertheless possible to get its values with the following instructions. If one wants to have a group of radiobuttons the most important principle is to add them one ofter the other so that they have a ascending Resource number...

Set Radio Button at runtime

The following code sets the value of a radio button to checked: CButton *pButton = reinterpret_cast(GetDlgItem(IDC_RADIO1)); pButton->SetCheck(1); // Button is “checked”