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dokuwiki plugins

I am considering to use dokuwiki as a wiki system. Here is my collection of plugins I am considering to use. dokuwiki Plugins discussion The Discussion Plugin adds a discussion section after your wiki page for user comments. dokutexit generates PDF documents of the wiki content using latex statistics „This plugin provides logging and statistics on views and visitors of your wiki.“ gnuplot GNUplot Plugin latex...

WordPress Plugins for WP 2.1.x

Pre Installed PluginsAdminSearchWidgetsAdvertismentCommentsTablesWeb statistik and other informationGeneral InformationSitemapPHP inside WordPressSyntax Highlighting… using Geshi… using javascriptPost ProcessingTemplate extensionChange FontsizeBreadcrumpsMeta KeywordsPrintpages and navigationContact Formno AjaxAjax usingText FeaturesPage expansionEditor ExtensionsWYSIWYGSpell checkingQuicktagsImage GalleryAjax...
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