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Collection of free wordpress themes

The smashing magazine has released a structured list of 100 high quality wordpress themes: 100 free WordPress themes

Development of a Plugin for WordPress

I am trying to learn how to develop a plugin for wordpress. Here are some basic links I have found to be usefull Teil 0 – simples Plugin, Basiswissen Teil 1 – Plugin schreiben, Tutorial, innerhalb “the loop” Teil 2 – Optionen aus dem Adminbereich übergeben Teil 3 – Plugin schreiben, außerhalb “the loop” WP – Hinweise für das Schreiben eines...

WordPress Plugins for WordPress 2.3.1

Recently I am working on a new wordpress installation, this time based on the release 2.3.1. To accomplish all the task and make it an comfortable environment I have to add a huge bunch of plugins. Unfortunately I cannot use my old collection because these plugins change much to fast and especially become incompatible. Therefore I searched the plugin directory and the web again and selected the following list. (Note: Red one...

Nice collection of magazine themes has posted an article about some nice themes usefull for magazines done with wordpress: the-best-wordpress-magazine-themes-available

WordPress Plugins for WP 2.1.x

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