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Chilies erkrankt

Unsere Chilies leiden dieses Jahr wieder sehr. Nachdem wir die letzten 3 Pflanzen aus dem vorherigen Jahr wegen massivem Läusebefall entsorgen mussten – allerdings erst nachdem wir insgesamt 120 Chiliefrüchte dieser drei Pflanzen eingelegt haben – haben die anderen jetzt weiße Fliegen. Was uns aber sehr wundert ist das merkwürdige Aussehen dieser Chilipflanze: [Zeige als Diashow] Unsere...

howto rewrite the URI of mediawiki

With this question in mind I found the following websites use ‚mod_rewrite‘ Making clean URLs with PHP5 MediaWikis .htaccess methods for wikis

mediawiki: where is the manual?

It took me ages to find anything similar to a manual for the wiki markup for mediawiki. I finally ended with these sites

mediawiki and LaTeX

The most important plugin is hostet on Its called WikiTeX. Other Plugins linked on the extensions page of mediawiki are TeX_Editor Mediawiki istself comes with the extension texvc which unfortunately is written in the exotic language ocaml and therefor practialy impossible to...

mediawiki themes

Are impossible to be found since mediawiki calls them ’skins‘. A gallery can be found on the old site. Unfortunately mediawiki lacks decents almost themes completely (compared to wordpress themes) although some open source projects do have wonderful themes (, based on mediawiki. Here is a list of not so bad themes I have found (but not...

Mediawiki Plugins

It took me quite some time to find plugins for mediawiki, primilary because they are called ‚extensions‘. A full list is available on Here is a list of those extension I find most interesting and want to test in the future (the list is without any sorting): CategoryTree GISWiki_kwBreadCrumbs SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi Geshi AdSense SecureHTML Bibwiki Bibtex EmailObfuscator FireStats Glossary...

Extended Qt Classes

Qwt – Qt Widgets for Technical Applications QwtPlot3D QextSerialPort

LaTeX In Word and Powerpoint

List of Software that can be used in Word or Powerpoint: Aurora (former Ribbit) TeXPoint