Currently I am testing several IDEs to use them as a new development platform for Qt Applications. First there is the commercial Part
  • Visual Studio

I might be interested on How to integrate qt with Visual Studio. I however am looking for a IDE with better integration of Qt and less useless functions (they are for me useless, since I do not need most of the functionality)

The next one is a highly developed and tested platform There are some projects, with IDEs developed with Qt for Qt. All of them are open source.
  • QDevelop (Test with QDevelop-0.25.2-1-setup.exe)
    I has nearly all features I require. I experienced however a crash everytime I used it.
  • HaiQ (see note below)
  • Monkey Studio/ (see note below)
  • Eedyuk
    No stable binary release up to now. (see note below)

Note: HaiQ and Monkey Studio do not provide their own Qt DLLs. In my case, and with all my coworkers that results in a error such as

Der Prozedureinsprungspunkt “_Z11qUncompessPKhi” wurde in der DLL “QtCore4.dll” nicht gefunden.

This error comes if one has Qt DLLs, not build with MinGW on the system which are included in PATH. In my case it was Matlab or Miktex with the path c:\programme\Matlab\R2007a\bin\win32;C:\Programme\MiKTeX 2.7\miktex\bin. The only solution to this problem is to delete all paths from the PATH variable which contain a Qt DLL. This however can prevent these programms from starting.

There are also projects, not build with Qt and not designed for Qt
  • Code::Blocks
    Current Version: 1.0rc2 (2005-10-25). New releases are only available as snapshots. From this old release to this new development ones the core has been rewritten in main parts according to their website. However not releasing a stable version for 3 years makes the reliability of the development quite doubtful.
    Qt Integration Plugins are hard to find and mainly in alpha stage
Though not tested yet, Code:Blocks seems not to be a good candiate for Qt development.