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mediawiki installieren

Ändern der URIsLogo zuweisenInstallation der ExtensionsBreadCrumbsCategoryTreeConfirmEditStubManagerSecureHTMLspellchecker not working with 1.12.0SyntaxHighlight_GeSHiUserImagesCategoryCloudCategoryBreadcrumbGoogle Analytics Zuerst ein Verzeichnis erstellen in das man die mediawiki Datei (z.B: mediawiki-1.12.0.tar.gz) entpackt. Dort das Verzeichnis config für den Webserver schreibbar machen. Sollte mediawiki auf...

bbclone in mediawiki

This happens to be quite easy, as nothing more than adding this to the index.php at the beginning is necessary if (strstr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],"?") == false) { define("_BBC_PAGE_NAME",$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); define("_BBCLONE_DIR", "bbclone/"); define("COUNTER", _BBCLONE_DIR."mark_page.php"); if...

howto rewrite the URI of mediawiki

With this question in mind I found the following websites use ‚mod_rewrite‘ Making clean URLs with PHP5 MediaWikis .htaccess methods for wikis

mediawiki: where is the manual?

It took me ages to find anything similar to a manual for the wiki markup for mediawiki. I finally ended with these sites

mediawiki and LaTeX

The most important plugin is hostet on Its called WikiTeX. Other Plugins linked on the extensions page of mediawiki are TeX_Editor Mediawiki istself comes with the extension texvc which unfortunately is written in the exotic language ocaml and therefor practialy impossible to...
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