A minor update of the LaTeX Thesis Template has been released. The documentation can be downloaded separately


The version is tested against a recent TeX Live 2018 (Version of September 2018). The updates contains the following changes:

  • The template failed to compile the biblatex code in the publication list correct. This was due to a change in the code base of biblatex.
  • Examples for glossaries were added to the template.
  • replaced scrpage2 by scrlayer-scrpage


If you are using an older version of the template and want to upgrade to this newer version you should do the following steps. Note that this deletes/ovrwrites your style and package modifications.

  • Backup your folder in case anything goes wrong or gets lost.
  • Delete everything in your folder except the /content/, the /bib/ folder and all folders and files that you created on your own including your main .tex file
  • Copy the new files into your folder. Take care that in the folder /content/ only files from the template, but none of you files gets overwritten
  • Compare the file LaTeXTemplate.tex with your main tex file and merge the changes done in the template file.
  • Test if everything compiles