I have searched a while and asked in several web groups for a good introduction to MFC with VS 2005. Unfortunately there is no new book specialized for VS 2005 and MFC excluding .Net (which I am not interested in at all). I was advised to take a look at “Programming Windows with MFC (1999)” from Jeff Proise. Unfortunately it is not only written for Visual Studio V. 6, which is not that bad since MFC has not evolved much, but nearly impossible to get. I had the luck to borrow a version (however without the according CD), but on amazon I did not see that book for month.

Prior to that book I had bougth “Visual C++, Windows-Programmierung mit den MFC” by Frank Budszuhn – which i definitely can not recommend. It is impossible to understand or learn MFC with that book.

Other books did not cross my eyes yet. So if you want to recommend something, do so.