Check value of Radiobutton

Radiobuttons in MFC are a mess. It is nevertheless possible to get its values with the following instructions. If one wants to have a group of radiobuttons the most important principle is to add them one ofter the other so that they have a ascending Resource number...

Set Radio Button at runtime

The following code sets the value of a radio button to checked: CButton *pButton = reinterpret_cast(GetDlgItem(IDC_RADIO1)); pButton->SetCheck(1); // Button is “checked”

Existenz von Paketen prüfen

In meiner LaTeX Vorlage hatte ich Abfragen eingebaut die auf die Existenz von Befehlen als auch der geladenen Klassen prüfen. Davon ausgehend hat mich Markus Kohm darauf hingewiesen dass es grundsätzlich keine gute Idee ist auf die geladene Klasse zu...

changing of the mouse cursor

The following code sets the mouse cursor to the waiting state and back to its default before: HCURSOR hCursorWait; HCURSOR hCursorDefault; hCursorWait = LoadCursor(NULL,IDC_WAIT); hCursorDefault = ::SetCursor(hCursorWait); ::SetCursor(hCursorDefault);

Open, Save and Read Bitmaps

The task to read a bitmap into a data array, show this bitmap and save an array or dc to a file sound like a simple task but is rather difficult in reality if one uses MFC. Maybe I am totaly wrong when stating this, but that is my result of one week searching for...