changing of the mouse cursor

The following code sets the mouse cursor to the waiting state and back to its default before: HCURSOR hCursorWait; HCURSOR hCursorDefault; hCursorWait = LoadCursor(NULL,IDC_WAIT); hCursorDefault = ::SetCursor(hCursorWait); ::SetCursor(hCursorDefault);

Open, Save and Read Bitmaps

The task to read a bitmap into a data array, show this bitmap and save an array or dc to a file sound like a simple task but is rather difficult in reality if one uses MFC. Maybe I am totaly wrong when stating this, but that is my result of one week searching for...

Show Dialog on Second Screen

The following Code maximises a dialog on the second screen. The code is available for download: (43,9 KiB) void DlgSecondScreen::ResizeDialog(const CRect newRect) { // Resize Dialog SetWindowPos(&CWnd::wndTop, newRect.left,...

Flicker Free example with CStatic Control

The following code shows how to paint into a CStatic Control and make sure this painting is flicker-free. [TOC] The example code for download: (61,6 KiB) Overloading of CStatic Unfortunately one can not draw inside a CStatic...

Flicker Free example with dialog

One can find several examples for flicker free drawing in MFC. (see for example Flicker Free Drawing In MFC) Here is an example done by myself. I used the CMemDC Class posted in Enhanced CMemDC. The example code for download: