A minor update of the LaTeX Thesis Template has been released. The documentation can be downloaded separately


If you are using an older version of the template and want to upgrade to this newer version you should do the following steps. Note that this deletes/oerwrites your style and package modifications.

  • Backup your folder in case anything goes wrong or gets lost.
  • Delete everything in your folder except the /content/, the /bib/ folder and all folders and files that you created on your own including your main .tex file
  • Copy the new files into your folder. Take care that in the folder /content/ only files from the template, but none of you files gets overwritten
  • Compare the file LaTeXTemplate.tex with your main tex file and merge the changes done in the template file.
  • Test if everything compiles


The version is tested against a recent TeX Live 2014 (Version of July 2014). The updates contains the following changes:

  • The template failed to compile with TeX Live 2014. The error was in the definition of \addmoretexcs. See this discussion on http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/186651 for the background of the problem.
  • The options of geometry were not well thought out. If a spacing factor was introduced this could lead to an ugly page layout. All options of geometry are now such that the page layout is similar to the one of typearea with DIV12.
  • The publications lists are now bibliography lists create with \printbibliography. Previously these needed to be created completely manual.
  • New magic comment for the bibliography tool added. Biber is used by default. Other tools, such as the old BibTeX are not supported by the template anyway.
  • Removed packages. These are now available from CTAN and the distribution package manager.