First trials of night photography in Hannover. The occasion was the photo seminar “Hannover bei Nacht: Architektur- und Stadtfotografie” organised by Foto Haas in Hannover.

All shots were taken with ISO 100 and a tripod. The aperture was set such that high exposure times are possible. That means apertures in the range between f/10 to f/25 (lens 18-105), so that the exposure is between 10 to 30 seconds. The high aperture is also nice to create stars of lamps. A side effect is that everything is in focus. This is nice because in dark light it is typically difficult to define a focus both for the camera as well as doing it manually. However I must say that the very high aperture numbers, such as f/30 result in visible (unwanted) effects in tiny light structures. The next time I would like to try a ND filter to increase exposure times while keeping the aperture in a smaller range.

Further tips can be found at this tutorial: photographing the city at night.