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% Pakete zum Zitieren
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% Quotes =================================================================
%% Doc: ftp://tug.ctan.org/pub/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/csquotes/csquotes.pdf
% Advanced features for clever quotations
   babel,            % the style of all quotation marks will be adapted
                     % to the document language as chosen by 'babel'
   german=quotes,		% Styles of quotes in each language
% All facilities which take a 'cite' argument will not insert
% it directly. They pass it to an auxiliary command called \mkcitation
% which  may be redefined to format the citation.
\renewcommand*{\mkccitation}[1]{ #1}
\SetBlockThreshold{2} % Anzahl von Zeilen
%\SetCiteCommand{} % Changes citation command
% Zitate =================================================================
% Reference by number
% \makeatletter
% \renewcommand\@biblabel[1]{#1.}
% \makeatother
% -------- Reference by author -------------------------------------------
% Doc: http://www.berger-on.net/jurabib/
% \usepackage{jurabib}
% \jurabibsetup{
%    authorformat={
%       %abbrv,%  First names will be abbreviated
%       %allreversed,% Names will be printed reversed ('first surname' in text and bibliography)
%       %citationreversed,% Names will be printed reversed ('first surname' only in text)
%       and,% Author separation with ',' and ', and' instead of the default slashes
%       %dynamic,% Font of author depends on existence of coauthor
%       %firstnotreversed, %All author names (except the first) will be printed reversed (in text only)
%       %indexed,% All author names are indexed separately (makeidx or index have to be loaded appropriately)
%       %italic,% Author will appear in italics
%       %reducedifibidem,%  Author names are reduced to the surname for subsequent
%       %citations,% (for the ibidem=name options)
%       smallcaps,% Author will appear in small caps
%       year,% Emulates author-year citations
%    },
%    bibformat={
%       %compress,% Reduces the vertical space between the items in the bibliography
%       %ibidem,%  Replaces repeated authors in the bibliography
%       %ibidemalt,% Special format for German law students
%       %nohang,% No hanging indent for bibliography
%       numbered,% Numbered items in bibliography
%       %raggedright,% Flushleft for bibliography
%       %tabular,% Tabular-like bibliography format
%    },
%    titleformat={
%       all,% Prints out all titles, doesn't care about multiple works
%       %colonsep,% Separation between author and title with colon
%       comma,% Separation between author and title with comma
%       italic,% Title will appear in italics
%    },
%    %biblikecite=true,% Formatting of bibliography follows formatting of citations (as far as possible)
%    %coauthorformat={
%    %  normal,% No special format for coauthors
%    %  %italic,% Coauthor will appear in italics
%    %},
%    %colastsep=divis,% Coauthor after author, separation with divis, Standard is a slash
%    %cofirstsep={
%    %% in,% Author after coauthor, separation with 'in'
%    %  comma,% Author after coauthor, separation with comma
%    %},
%    commabeforerest,  % Nach allen Angaben und vor den zusaetzlichen
%                      % (z.B. Seitenanzahl) wird ein Komma gesetzt
%    citefull={
%       %all,% All citations are full citations
%       first,% First citation is printed full
%       %chapter,% citefull=first, resetted each chapter (book and report classes)
%       %section,% citefull=first, resetted each section (article classes)
%    },
%    %chicago=true, %chicago-like format of citation and bibliography
%    %oxford=true, %Emulates oxford-like format of citation and bibliography
%    %crossref={
%    %  dynamic,% Long crossref's if they are used first time, shorter for all further citations
%    %  long,% Always long crossref's
%    %  short,% Always short crossref's (short as possible, longer if citations are ambiguous)
%    %},
%    %edby=true,% Switches from '(ed.)' to 'edited by' for incollections
%    %endnote=true,% The note field is printed at the end of the entry, after the closing period
%    %footnotes=marginal,% Another footnote format
%    %human=true, % Common humanities option, make authorformat=and the default
%    %howcited={
%    %  all,% The howcited remark is printed for all entries
%    %  compare,% The howcited remark is printed for works, where title and shorttitle differ
%    %  normal,% The howcited remark is printed for entries containing a non-empty howcited field
%    %  multiple,%  The howcited remark is printed if more than one work of the author is cited
%    %},
%    ibidem={
%       %name,% Ibidem with authors name
%       %name&title,% Ibidem with authors name and title
%       %nostrict,% Ibidem is allowed for every footnote
%       strict,% Ibidem is not allowed for first footnote on each page
%       %strictdoublepage,% Ibidem is not allowed for first footnote on left (even) pages
%    },
%    idem={
%       %nostrict,% Idem is allowed for every footnote
%       strict,% Idem is not allowed for first footnote on each page
%       %strictdoublepage,%  Idem is not allowed for first footnote on left (even) pages
%    },
%    %lookat=true,% Enables crossref to full (first) footnote citation
%    %natoptargorder=true,% Reversed optional arguments
%    %opcit={
%    %  true,% Enables op. cit. for already cited, but not subsequent works
%    %  chapter,% Resets opcit each chapter (book and report classes)
%    %  section,% Resets opcit each section (article classes)
%    %},
%    pages={
%       %always,%  Page(ranges)s given via the pages-field are always printed in the citation
%       format,%  Pages given via the optional argument and page(ranges)s given via the pages-field are formatted automatically
%       %test,% Page(ranges)s given via the pages-field are printed in the citation, if no pages are given by the optional argument
%    },
%    %see=true,% The second optional argument can be used to add sequences like 'see' before the citation
%    %superscriptedition={
%    %  all,% Superscripted edition number for all citations
%    %  bib,% Superscripted edition number for the bibliography
%    %  commented,% Superscripted edition number only for type @COMMENTED
%    %  switch,%  Superscripted edition number for works with field ssedition=1
%    %},
%    super, % alle \cite werden zu footcite
% }
% \bibliographystyle{jurabib} %
% %\bibliographystyle{jureco}
% %\bibliographystyle{jurunsrt}
% %\bibliographystyle{jox}
% \renewcommand{\biblnfont}{\bfseries\scshape\RaggedRight} % Autoren
% \renewcommand{\bibfnfont}{} % Autoren Vornamen
% \renewcommand{\bibelnfont}{\normalfont} % Herausgeber
% \renewcommand{\bibefnfont}{\normalfont} % Herausgeber Vornamen
% % Anpassung der Titel von Buechern
% \renewcommand{\bibtfont}{\normalfont\textit} % Titel
% % % Modifizierung des Zeitschriftentitels bei Artikeln.
% \renewcommand{\bibjtfont}{\normalfont}
% % % Titel eines Artikels, eines Beitrages in einem Sammelwerk oder aehnliches zu formatieren.
% \renewcommand{\bibapifont}{\normalfont\textit} % Periodical-Titel
% % % Aussehen des series Feldes bestimmen
% \renewcommand{\bibsnfont}{\textbf}
% %
% \renewcommand{\biburlprefix}{Webseite:{ }}
% \renewcommand{\biburlsuffix}{}
% % Ausgabe des Jahres
% \renewcommand{\jbcitationyearformat}[1]{(#1)}
% \renewcommand{\bibleftcolumnadjust}{\RaggedRight}
% \renewcommand{\bibrightcolumnadjust}{\RaggedRight}
% %
% -------- Reference by number (author) ----------------------------------
% %%% Doc: ftp://tug.ctan.org/pub/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/natbib/natbib.pdf
	%round,	%(default) for round parentheses;
	square,	% for square brackets;
	%curly,	% for curly braces;
	%angle,	% for angle brackets;
	%colon,	% (default) to separate multiple citations with colons;
	comma,	% to use commas as separaters;
	%authoryear,% (default) for author-year citations;
	numbers,	% for numerical citations;
	%super,	% for superscripted numerical citations, as in Nature;
	sort,		% orders multiple citations into the sequence in which they appear in the list of references;
	sort&compress,    % as sort but in addition multiple numerical citations
                   % are compressed if possible (as 3-6, 15);
	%longnamesfirst,  % makes the first citation of any reference the equivalent of
                   % the starred variant (full author list) and subsequent citations
                   %normal (abbreviated list);
	%sectionbib,      % redefines \thebibliography to issue \section* instead of \chapter*;
                   % valid only for classes with a \chapter command;
                   % to be used with the chapterbib package;
	%nonamebreak,     % keeps all the authors names in a citation on one line;
                   %causes overfull hboxes but helps with some hyperref problems.
%%% Bibliography styles with natbib support
%\bibliographystyle{plainnat} % Numeric Labels, alphabatical order
%\bibliographystyle{abbrvnat} % same as plain, but shorter names
%\bibliographystyle{unsrtnat} % same as plain, but appeariance in order of citation
%\bibliographystyle{alpha}    % labels are formed by author and year
%%% Bibliography styles according to DIN
%%% get from: http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/biblio/bibtex/contrib/german/din1505/
%\bibliographystyle{bib/bst/alphadin-mod} % Modifiziert: Kleinere Abstaende vor ";" und kein "+" bei etal.
%%% Bibliography styles created with custombib
%%% Doc: ftp://tug.ctan.org/pub/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/custom-bib/makebst.pdf
% other BibTeX styles: http://www.cs.stir.ac.uk/~kjt/software/latex/showbst.html
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